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US companies are estimated to lose up to $1.7 trillion by 2030 and global industry up to $8.45 trillion* due to the lack of skilled employees.  CTE instruction provides students with academics and real-world technical skills to help prepare them for college and the workforce to fill this skills gap. Learn more about how the Mountainland CTE Region is working to empower Utah!

Blake Nielsen - May Utah CTE Teacher of The Month

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Blake Nielsen, from the Mountainland Region, was recognized as the May 2024 CTE Teacher of the Month for his outstanding contributions to Career and Technical Education. The skills students gain in Blake’s classes, such as CNC machining, 3D drafting and design, and manufacturing engineering, are highly transferable to various manufacturing settings. In the Nebo School District and across Utah, Blake has been a pioneer in implementing CNC machining. He has trained numerous woodworking teachers in drawing, creating CNC files, and utilizing CNC machines to design and produce unique woodworking projects. ...Read More...

SheTech Summer Internship and Student Board Opportunity

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From June 11-21, high school girls have an amazing opportunity to join SheTech and the WomenTechCouncil for a free, immersive tech experience! Dive into the world of tech careers with hands-on exploration during in-person sessions every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, and virtual sessions on Fridays. Get exclusive access to top tech companies like AvidXchange, Vivint, Adobe, Goldman Sachs, and more. Connect directly with industry professionals, ask questions, and gain invaluable insights—all while enjoying lunch between sessions to keep your energy up! Don’t let your students miss out on this incredible chance to build valuable skills, make industry connections, and stand out in the tech world. ...Read More...

CTE Champions of FFA and Agriculture: Alan Ashton, J. Merrill Hallam, and Buddy Deimler

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Congratulations to Alan Ashton and J. Merrill Hallam from the Mountainland CTE Region for their recent Utah FFA recognitions! "The Future Farmers of America (FFA) organization stands as a beacon of excellence throughout the heartland of America where the fields stretch wide, and the spirit of agriculture runs deep. Among the countless individuals who have dedicated their time and energy to support and uplift the FFA community, few stand out as brightly as Alan Ashton, J. Merrill Hallam, and Buddy Deimler." ...Read More...

Exploring Healthcare Futures: Highlights from the Mountainland Region Health Career Fair

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The Mountainland CTE Region Consortium recently hosted its annual Health Career Fair on February 2, 2024, at the MTECH Lehi Campus. This eagerly awaited event, open to students in grades 10-12, drew in approximately 600 attendees from across the region's seven school districts and five charter schools. With a plethora of workshops and professionals from various healthcare fields, the fair aimed to provide students with invaluable insights into potential career paths in the healthcare industry. ...Read More...

Driving Change: UACTE Mountainland Region Winners 2024

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A huge congratulations to our Mountainland Region UACTE (Utah Association of Career and Technical Education) Winter Conference award winners.  The theme of this year’s conference was “Drive the Change.”  The Mountainland CTE Region is proud to be home to many change-makers dedicated to supporting students!   ...Read More...


Discovering the Future: Amazon's Robotic Fulfillment Center Region Tour

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​As the Mountainland Region actively explores opportunities to enhance educational offerings in manufacturing and robotics, our visit to the Amazon Fulfillment Center provided invaluable insights into current needs and technological advancements. The marriage of education and industry expertise is crucial for preparing the region's workforce for the challenges and opportunities of the future.  Nestled in Salt Lake County, the Amazon FC1, a robotic fulfillment center, stands as a beacon of innovation, where cutting-edge technology and human expertise converge to redefine the landscape of e-commerce and logistics. ...Read More...

Karen Mayne Public Safety Officer Scholarship Open

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In an effort to support the aspirations of recent high school graduates with a passion for public safety, the state of Utah proudly presents the Karen Mayne Public Safety Officer Scholarship Program. This initiative is designed to provide financial assistance to individuals committed to serving as public safety officers, fostering a new generation of dedicated professionals in the field. The Karen Mayne Public Safety Officer Scholarship is available for recent high school graduates who aspire to become public safety officers. ...Read More...

Utah CTE Scholarship and Tuition Award Deadline: Jan. 26

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Did you know that each year, some scholarships go unused because students do not know that they could easily receive a CTE scholarship? The Career and Technical Education (CTE) Scholarships and Tuition Awards are for outstanding CTE students in Utah. The scholarships/awards are sponsored by the Utah State Board of Education (USBE) with funds provided by participating higher education institutions. The award amount varies by institution.  There is no GPA requirement for this scholarship and any senior in your programs could qualify and receive one of these scholarships to Utah schools. Many of them are full or partial tuition for one year. Please encourage your students to apply. ...Read More...

Health Career Fair 2024 Unveils Pathways in Healthcare

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The Mountainland CTE Region Consortium is thrilled to announce the upcoming annual Health Career Fair, set to take place on February 2, 2024, from 9:40 am to Noon. The event will be held at MTECH, Lehi Campus, and we extend a warm invitation to all health science teachers and their students. ...Read More...