Blake Nielsen - May Utah CTE Teacher of The Month

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Blake NielsenBlake Nielsen, from the Mountainland Region, was recognized as the May 2024 CTE Teacher of the Month for his outstanding contributions to Career and Technical Education. The skills students gain in Blake’s classes, such as CNC machining, 3D drafting and design, and manufacturing engineering, are highly transferable to various manufacturing settings.

In the Nebo School District and across Utah, Blake has been a pioneer in implementing CNC machining. He has trained numerous woodworking teachers in drawing, creating CNC files, and utilizing CNC machines to design and produce unique woodworking projects.


"Blake can see the future and is an early technology implementer. He has worked hard to learn how to use the CNC machines and then has graciously shared that knowledge with others. Students want to be a part of using technology and Blake helps them step into that world."


- Alan Ashton, CTE Director, Nebo School District

"Blake is such a forward-thinking teacher. He has a great understanding of what skills are needed in the woodworking and manufacturing world and how to teach those skills in a classroom. New machines and technologies do not scare Blake. Many teachers look to him for guidance on machine use and project design."


- Colton Williams, CTE Education Specialist, Utah State Board of Education

Blake’s dedication to embracing and teaching new technologies has made a significant impact on students and educators alike, positioning him as a leader and innovator in the field of Career and Technical Education.


Blake Nielsen Utah CTE Teacher of The MonthBlake Nielsen Utah CTE Teacher of The Month