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Did You Know?

Concurrent Enrollment (CE) allows qualified students to earn college credit by taking college courses taught at their high school. Concurrent Enrollment classes are rigorous college-level courses. These classes use college textbooks, follow a college syllabus, and cover more material at a faster rate and at a more in-depth level than regular high school courses.

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Concurrent Enrollment courses use assessments (tests) as specified by the sponsoring college departments. All CE grades are posted to an official college transcript and a college GPA is established. This transcript becomes part of a student’s permanent college record. College grades are also posted on the high school transcript and will affect the high school GPA.  All Concurrent Enrollment courses must lead to a certificate or degree program either fulfilling general education requirements or are elective courses that are listed as designated electives in a degree program at the sponsoring university.

In the state of Utah, there is a $5 per credit hour tuition charge for CE classes (a 3-credit CE class would cost $15). The tuition charge is in addition to the one-time application fee to the sponsoring institution. Students may be required to purchase a textbook or other related materials.

High school students who would like to pursue an Associate's Degree or Gen Ed Certificate while in high school are strongly encouraged to visit the UVU advising department to discuss the scheduling of classes and the rigorous coursework for the three years they are in high school.

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  • Complete admissions process through UVU
  • Pay $35 online admission fee to UVU
  • Receive UVID number (8-digit number that comes via e-mail 24-48 hours after application submission/payment)
  • Register for courses using myUVU system
  • Seniors taking English1010 will be required to submit transcripts with qualifying ACT scores or take the Accuplacer before they can register. The Accuplacer is ONLY available AT UVU.
  • Transcripts with qualifying ACT scores can be requested in the Counseling Office.
  • Pay Tuition -- courses cost $5 per credit hour